Thank you so much for sharing, Tom. Sorry, Tim. Wow, I really related to so much of what you shared. I know it won’t seem that way based on what I’m about to say, but I really closely related to every single thing you said.

I loved how you said that in sobriety, we need to pick and choose our battles. You didn’t say that, of course, but that’s what I heard and also what I wanted you to say, not coincidentally. You said, in my head, “We have to pick and choose our battles in sobriety.” Well, surprise surprise, I agree totally.

I can’t believe it but today I am 5 and 2/7th years sober! Yes, today is the actual day. I will stop talking…until…you applaud……..there we go! Don’t be shy! Thank you!

I believe the theme of the reading tonight – was there a reading? – was “picking and choosing your battles in sobriety,” and I can really relate to that. For example, my roommate, who is Asian – and I’m only mentioning her race to create a deep sense of anxiety in the room about what I’m going to say next – my roommate forgot to vacuum the living room last week.

I am absolutely certain everyone in this room knows my history with my roommate, as I shared about it eight months ago in a different meeting. So, you all know. You all know. I see Glen H. nodding… No? Sorry, looked like a nod.

Now, in my using years, someone failing to vacuum would have been the perfect excuse for me to use. But instead, I called my sponsor, I read Dr. Bob’s story, I talked to my HP, I read the Seventh Step Declaration, which is a reference no one will get but I am just blowing right past it, and I called my sponsor. And he said, just like the Tradition or whatever the fuck we read tonight said, “Pick and choose your battles in sobriety.”

When he said that piece of very trite and obvious advice, it saved me. It. Saved. Me. I am tearing up now, weirdly. I am tearing up and there are big…heavy…pauses…in my share. You all have to sit with it in silence.

I see my time is up, but I’m going to pretend I didn’t.

I don’t want to cross-talk, but Glen H.’s share earlier was shit.

I can’t believe where sobriety has gotten me and I am just so grateful. My roommate is a fucking cunt. Haha, just kidding! WE ARE NOT A GLUM LOT! Like the Big Book says, my worst day sober is better than my best day using, even though while using I was engaged to Neil Patrick Harris and lived in a gold kingdom. Which reminds me, the cash and prizes don’t matter at all, lol, but I can’t believe how much money I have! You should all know how much money I have. Sobriety.

Thank you again for sharing, Toom. You said exactly the prompts I needed to say what I wanted to say. Now I am going to leave the meeting early with no explanation, in a very loud and disruptive manner. Excuse me! Pardon me!

It’s unclear if my share is over, so everyone can just sit there quietly for a few seconds wondering.

Thanks! Oh, and I’m looking for sponsees! But good ones.

By: John Teufel
Title: Thank You for Your Share!
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Published Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2020 07:05:05 +0000

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