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At New Horizon Drug Rehab, we understand addiction. If you or a family member are afflicted with addiction or substance abuse we can help. We work with the top centers throughout the US to provide the best detox and addiction treatments available.

Are drugs or alcohol causing your life to run out of control? We are here to help you. Take that first step to get safe, comfortable drug detox in our rehab center. We will be with you every step of the way from your initial intake, to your medical detox and beyond. We are here to teach you what you need to know so that you can stay motivated and make a change that will allow you the freedom you have been waiting for to get your life back under control.

We know that there are not many rehab centers that can offer the levels of care that we can. Let us explain what detoxification is and how we help you heal your whole self.


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Drug Detoxification Programs Explained

Not every detox program is the same. All are aimed at flushing toxins from your body whether they have accumulated from drugs or alcohol. The detox process is often associated with a great deal of pain and fear, but we offer a special program that allows you to undergo this essential process safely and comfortably.

Our Medical Detox Centers Are High Class Facilities

Our program is a blend of medical treatment as well as treatment through the use of vitamins, nutrition, and meditation. Non-medical detox can be dangerous for anyone with a severe level of addiction. In some cases, a patient can suffer seizures and die. We have the training, the personnel and the abilities to ensure that you are kept as safe as possible during withdrawal no matter what you are coming off. We have IV fluids ready to administer and your medical team from our staff will monitor you for as long as you need to undergo detox.

Medical detox is the highest level of care which involves 24-hour monitoring. This is reserved for patients who have the highest level of drugs or alcohol in their systems. No matter how severely addicted you are, we can help your body heal from dependency on chemicals. The process can take anywhere from five to seven days.

We will address any other medical issues that may come up for you during this time. This is not something you can do safely on your own. Trust us to offer the safest and most comfortable detox process available. After the medical detox, you get admitted to our residential detox program. This is where patients learn to live without drugs or alcohol.

Our Substance Abuse Specialities

What to Expect

Best Patient Comfort

Trust and safety form the basis of our approach – we greet each patient with the utmost respect

High Class Treatments

We offer fair professional medical advice at the highest standards

High Profile Doctors

Each of our team members is trained in a special field of medical activity

Fully Personalized Treatment

Our personal recovery plans means each individuals needs are fully met and catered for

Inpatient Drug Detox Takes Pressure Off Loved Ones And Allows The Specialists To Take Over

For patients with less severe dependency, residential detox may be available solely. This is a process where patients do not undergo the full medical detox but are monitored and administered any necessary medications until the drugs have passed out of the patient’s system.

The next step after getting yourself a full drug detox is to enter a program that teaches you to develop healthy habits for coping in life. There are 12-step programs available which involve group meetings, therapy and assistance with finding sober living and lifelong meetings. There are also other types of programs available that incorporate many modalities to achieving sober success for a lifetime.

Making the choice to detox should be thought of as just the first step. Once you get off the drugs you will be assisted with learning what triggered you to do drugs in the first place. You will unravel a complex set of problems both from your mind and your soul. The end result is having a clearer idea of who you are, why you matter and where to go from here with your new sobriety to make a positive difference in the world.

Our Drug Detox Programs Include Counseling Sessions With Experienced Therapists

Your counseling sessions with your therapist will be fundamental in healing yourself as well as finding a new path in your life once detox and rehab are complete. The opportunity to meet in a group setting will acclimate you back into a social setting as a sober person. It will also help you find a common ground with others who may have become involved in drugs or alcohol to soothe their pain as well.

Substance Abuse Detox And Mental Health Treatment

There are times where mental health issues and other physical health issues present themselves during rehab. We understand this and are fully prepared to have our medical staff diagnose and treat any issues that need to be addressed with medications. Common conditions include PTSD, depression, and anxiety and we are fully prepared to keep any medications needed in a locked, secure area at all times.

We will administer them at the proper dosing times. In the event of any kind of medical issue, we will ensure you are treated as it is necessary in our facility or in a hospital.

Our caring staff members are ready to answer any questions you have. Let us help you take the next step towards a life filled with joy, health, and sobriety.

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