What Happens In A 60 Day Drug Rehab Program?

At New Horizon Drug Rehab, we understand addiction. If you or a family member are afflicted with addiction or substance abuse we can help. We work with the top centers throughout the US to provide the best detox and addiction treatments available.

Being caught in the cycle of addiction is difficult for the addicts and the people around them. If you are tired of always using drugs or looking for your next fix, then it is time to consider a good 60 day drug rehab program as one of your treatment options. By dedicating some time and attention to yourself in a safe environment you will be able to learn new skills and make better choices in your life.

2 Month Rehab Programs Can Really Help With The Cycle Of Addiction

One of the reasons that our drug rehab program has helped so many people is that we understand the cycle of addiction and mental health. Much of human behavior is driven by habit, especially substance abuse. Once the addictive cycle has become a habit, you need to develop new pathways in order to avoid repeating the cycle again and again. While many think that relapse is a sign of weakness, we understand that it is poor planning combined with human nature. Our addiction treatment program can help those with substance abuse issues to find a way to enter into sober living and end the cycle of addiction treatment and rehab programs. We can also provide help and advice with medical detox, outpatient programs and medically reviewed treatment options that last 90 days.

So, our 60 day drug rehab centers address this by helping you to develop strategies to avoid the people, places and things that are associated with your addiction and mental health. For instance, if you usually stop by a particular place after work and then begin getting high, you need to find a new location to hang when the work day is finished.

Additionally, by having the first 60 days of your sobriety in a safe environment like our inpatient rehab clinics, you can clear your head out while you begin formulating a plan for success. Our addiction recovery therapists and counselors are here to support you and your drug rehabilitation efforts. We want you to succeed in our rehab programs!


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Our 60 Day Inpatient Drug Treatment Center Offers Specialist Support For Drug and Alcohol Rehab

We provide many strategies to help you learn to focus on the present and let go of old baggage. For instance, we offer various groups and communication sessions where clients are able to discuss painful events that create undue mental and emotional turmoil. By unburdening themselves, these men and women are able to breathe more freely and begin living in the moment.

We also provide one-on-one therapy treatment options where one of our trained and skilled drug and alcohol therapists helps substance abuse patients to formulate and evaluate their progress chart. By developing goals and achieving them, our addiction treatment patients begin to develop confidence and self-esteem in their abilities without alcohol and drugs helping to soothe their nerves.

Our 60 Day Addiction Program Will Help You Break Free

Additionally, your 60 day drug rehab retreat offers additional amenity options. You will need to speak to a residential treatment representative to find out which ones will be available during your stay. Remember that your addiction recovery is based on your entire well-being, not just physically removing the drugs and alcohol from your body.

In fact, that is one of the lessons we emphasize during our inpatient rehab instructional sessions. Drug addiction and alcohol addiction is more than just the physical compulsion to use a particular substance. Although that is certainly one aspect of addiction, the mental and emotional aspects are equally compelling.

Addicts have complex processes regarding the acquisition, use and funding of their favorite substances. These systems become part of the mental addiction and are part of the excitement. Whether it is the adrenaline rush from visiting a dangerous part of town to cop the drugs or the sense of accomplishment associated with taking the first hit, it is all part of the cycle that must be broken.

During your 60 day stay in our drug rehab center, we will teach you new thinking patterns and how to break the old ones when they occur. For example, you might need to take a different route home from work or avoid hanging out with people that you always get high with. We will give you the tools to do it in a firm way that isn’t mean or judgmental.

Many addictions begin as a way to escape emotional pain. During your time in drug rehab treatment centers you might remember certain traumas that you have been burying with drugs and alcohol. Doing so in a safe environment with our trained staff there to facilitate your recovery will allow you to purge the bulk of those pains and finally experience some relief from that grief.

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Our 60 Day Rehab Helps Prepare You For A Substance Free Future

Additionally, we will provide you with resources to continue to heal from traumatic experiences that have been contributing to the negative emotions you have about yourself. As you learn how to utilize positive self messages and employ natural means of healing, your world will be transformed.

An ongoing lesson for everyone is learning how to let go of the past and the future. Focusing on the past leads to depression while anxiety is the result of future-oriented thoughts. We strive to teach everyone the first steps to focusing on the moment. Doing so can make a tremendous difference in how you see the world!

You don’t have to suffer from the painful cycle of addiction any longer. Contact our addiction treatment center and ask about the 60 day rehab programs that we offer. One of our staff will be glad to help you make the appropriate arrangements to begin your recovery process!

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