South Florida drug rehab

Article provided by: Meridian Treatment Solutions

South Florida drug rehab

There is no denying that drug abuse and drug addiction are major problems in our today’s societies. But this is not the real problem we’re facing. The real question is that only approximately 11% of the people experiencing drug problems in one form or another get the help they need. We, at Meridian Treatment Solutions, aim to boost that percentage, despite being extremely difficult to do so.

South Florida drug rehab problems work, so what may be the reason why so few people go through the treatment? As it turns out, several aspects may prevent them from doing so:

– The incapability to rationalize the situation anymore – Once the addiction has taken its toll on the individual, it may be that he has lost his ability to analyze the situation he’s in objectively. And that, despite all the warning signs, he may choose to flee any attempt of medical and psychological assistance whatsoever.

– The shame – It is a fact that many of the addicts find the situation extremely embarrassing. This is one of the main reasons why most will avoid asking for help, even if that may be the only thing that could save their lives.

– Social stigma – Having to deal with social stigma may be too much of a psychological and emotional burden for the patient to go through. Instead, the individual may resort to seclusion rather than stepping into the spotlight, admit his problem and ask for help.

These aspects, combined with the somewhat drastic and devastating effects of drug abuse on the body and mind of the individual, can have dire consequences in the long run. South Florida drug rehab institutions focus on preventing the situation from worsening, but also reverse the damaging side-effects the drug had induced on the patient.

How effective is the treatment?

The rehabilitation program functions differently for every individual in particular. This is why there is a need for personalized treatment programs, the type of which would consider various aspects related to the patient’s profile, like the patient’s age, the substance addiction refers to, the medical and psychological condition of the victim, social and family problems, mental integrity and character along with other factors like determination, the will to overcome addiction and so on.

For this reason, most effective rehab programs will focus on several aspects, each playing an important role in repelling addiction as a whole:

– Treating the withdrawal symptoms and countering the physical and mental damages induced by the substances

– Providing psychological and emotional support

– Aim at rebuilding the addict’s relationships with his family and friends

– Help the patient reclaim his life in all aspects

– Address the risk of relapse and develop mechanisms looking to prevent it

These strategies make up for the main driving force behind all South Florida drug rehab treatments, and Meridian Treatment Solutions works on increasing their efficiency as much as possible. Fighting off drug addiction is one of our main priorities as a society and one that will eventually end up saving lives.