Sex Addiction Recovery Center Colorado

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Sex Addiction Recovery Center Colorado

Sex addiction is a compulsive need to perform sexual acts in order to get a fix. This is similar to the one that a person with alcohol use disorder gets when they drink. It is also similar to what happens when an opiate user uses opiates.

This compulsive behavior should not be confused with pedophilia or bestiality. Nonetheless, it can be very dangerous and result in problems in relationships. Like other disorders, it could negatively impact a person’s physical and mental health. It can also affect his or her quality of life, safety, and personal relationships.

For someone to receive appropriate sex addiction treatment in Boulder, they need to be diagnosed first. However, this disorder is often never diagnosed, and people go by without proper treatment. 

How does sexual addiction manifest?

For a person to be considered addicted to sex, they would most likely have a compulsive need to masturbate, view pornography, or be in sexually stimulating situations. It is believed that a person with sex addiction will seek out multiple sex partners. However, this is not necessarily a sign of the disorder.

If you are experiencing a compulsion to have sex, even multiple times a day, and your life and activities have changed in order to perform sexual acts, then you should consider healing for sex and porn addiction.

There are different criteria that determine what addiction is. In addition to that, sex addiction is often lived in secrecy, which makes it difficult for others to know about it and suggest reaching out for help.

Sometimes symptoms are present and noticeable. Some of them may be: Sexual thoughts that appear chronically and obsessively; Compulsive relations that may occur with one or more partners; Productivity at work is affected; The behaviors cannot be stopped willingly; Feeling remorse or guilt often; And other negative personal or professional consequences.

How can we help at our sex addiction recovery center in Colorado?

At Begin Again Institute, we offer porn addiction treatment in Boulder and masturbation addiction treatment in Boulder, as well as other programs with related disorders. We specialize in programs for men, led by Dr. Michael Barta and a team of specialized therapists.

Here, you will be able to participate in two-week intensive courses where we treat sex addiction through a neurobiological lens and trauma-focused therapeutic modalities. Other centers may offer a 12-step program, inpatient treatments, and other options. Still, we firmly believe that our method is effective, mainly because we offer a Partner Support Program, which provides both parties the opportunity to receive healing.

Among the different programs we offer is the already mentioned Partner Support Program, which is done online and simultaneously with the Men’s 14-Day Intensive. This program is an outpatient program that involves individual and group therapy.

We also offer an online course for those looking to understand more about their addiction and start looking at the trauma that underlies it for healing.

Contact Begin Again Institute for the world’s leading intensive healing for sex porn addictions and intimacy disorders at 720-702-4608. At the foot of the Rocky Mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado, this is the perfect location to focus on one’s addiction and to become a part of a supportive and dedicated community that will help maintain a lasting recovery.

Sex Addiction Recovery Center Colorado

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Sex Addiction Recovery Center Colorado

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