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Rife Machine

Rife Machine in Health Products 2

Medicinal practices have been continuously evolving alongside the technological innovations made in the medical field today. More than the conventional way of conducting treatments for illnesses, many people are in pursuit of looking for the best methods even in the field of alternative medicine. This type of approach is what we aim to provide support to here at Health Products 2.

What is a Rife Machine?

The Rife Machine is named after its inventor, Royal Raymond Rife. Rife was an American scientist who invented the said machine during the 1920s in which allowed for massive medical breakthroughs and treatment took place.

A Rife Machine functions just like any other type of machines designed for treatment purposes, and it is to kill off bacteria or viruses that may be present in one’s body. The said equipment releases radiofrequency electromagnetic waves on one’s bodies targeting the specific type of viruses and bacteria that are causing the patient to be ill.

Compared to the frequency exposure created by other radio frequency based treatments such as x-rays or radiotherapies, Rife Machines release lower levels of radio frequencies which makes the treatment less invasive and even greatly healthier for the patient.

Why do people with cancer use the Rife Machine?

The main intention of the Rife Machine is to eliminate any unwelcome bodies and organisms such as bacteria and viruses, from one’s body. The machine is practically designed to kill off any type of infection found in the body of the patient suffering from whatever type of disease or illness.

Royal Rife believes that illnesses and diseases can all be associated with electromagnetic frequency in which, the said machine targets to be able to eliminate and dispose of the sickness causing factors in one’s body. The Rife Machine works through looking for the frequency of the present virus or bacteria in the body of a person and then later on releases the same type of frequency that will ultimately kill off the affected cells of a person.

How does one use a Rife Machine?

To use the Rife Machine is basically like using a 2-D Echo machine in which electrical pads are attached to different parts of the patient’s body where it is most optimal to place it based on the type of virus and area where it needs to be treated. Usually, these electrical pads are attached on a person’s hands or feet for a few minutes of every day depending on the suggested number of use per week.

Where can I get a Rife Machine?

Health Products 2 is dedicated to providing equipment and resources for those who would like to try alternative medicine. With this, we made it a point that one can freely purchase Rife Machines through the use of our website. The allotted phone details and email address that you need to transact with are located at the upper right part of our website. Feel free to contact our team for any type of concerns and queries.



Rife Machine

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