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Wouldn’t it be nice if rehab centers in Dallas actually helped people get sober? We think so. Unfortunately, for most people, rehab doesn’t work. In fact; one could make a legitimate case that in many respects, rehabs make addictions worse. Why is this? There are basically two reasons why rehabs often exacerbate the same addictions and mental health issues that they are supposed to treat:

Problem #1: A lot of rehabs are run like businesses first.

Whether you realize it or not, all rehabs are businesses. It doesn’t matter how much they try to hide it! Without money, these facilities can not remain open. Rehabs, like every other business type, have overhead costs. For example, they have to pay rent or mortgage on the property they have. Rehabs have to pay employee salaries, insurance, and so on. At the end of the day, each rehab needs patients to stay alive. Sadly, this often leads to a ‘business first’ environment in many instances, which causes rehab facilities to make choices that might not be in the best interest of their patients.

Today, many rehabs are overcrowded and underfunded. As a result, many rehab centers in Dallas will downsize their staff, minimize their resources and programs, and stuff as many patients into their rehab center as they legally fit at a time. The result, both directly and indirectly, is that the patients suffer. The patients don’t get the kind of one-on-one counseling they need and deserve, and the quality of the treatment deteriorates. Fortunately, we’ve been blessed here at Stonegate Center. By putting Jesus first and doing what’s right for our patients above everything, God has made way for our rehab to serve as a beacon of light in today’s ‘business first’ rehab environment.

Problem #2: Many rehabs use superficial, copy-and-paste treatment models.

The other problem with many of today’s rehabs is that most of them are using 100-year-old treatment plans and techniques. We also promote AA/NA and the Big Book here at Stonegate Center, but we also take a holistic approach to treatment, treating the whole person rather than a symptom. Since different strokes work for different folks, we believe in providing customized treatment plans in our private, luxury rehab center.

The best rehabs of today are those that utilize the best of both worlds. That is the best of traditional rehab and addiction treatment and the best of modern rehab and scientific treatment. When searching for the best rehab centers in Dallas, don’t choose one that is stuck in the Stone Age of addiction treatment. Instead, look for a rehab, like Stonegate Center, where Bible-based, common-sense, whole-person addiction treatment techniques are used.

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rehab centers in Dallas

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