Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) utilizes medications and therapy to treat alcohol use disorder and opioid use disorder. MAT has been proven to successfully reduce alcohol and drug use. It’s best taken under the supervision of a health professional who can monitor the reaction to the prescribed medication. Naltrexone is a type of medication used in MAT to block the euphoric effects of drugs and alcohol and get rid of cravings. This helps patients focus on their recovery and reach their sobriety goals.

At Beat Addiction Recovery, we’re a MAT program that includes naltrexone as part of intensive rehabilitation. When fighting a disease as aggressive as addiction, we’ve found that naltrexone gives a person the best chance of overcoming their substance use disorder.

Benefits of Medication Assisted Treatment

There are plenty of benefits of using MAT to combat alcohol or opioid addiction, including:

MAT Works

How effective is naltrexone against alcoholism and opioid abuse? MAT outcomes are highly successful. Compared with opioid or alcohol addiction treatment plans without MAT, treatment plans that use MAT are more effective. Medication-assisted treatment addresses different aspects of each client, also called holistic care, instead of focusing on one aspect alone.

MAT utilizes a combination of FDA-approved prescription medication and therapy to treat addiction. Therapy promotes a person’s emotional, social, and physical well-being while medication aids with the psychological and physical well-being of a patient. This increases the chances of patients attaining lifelong recovery.


Addiction treatment can be costly, which prevents many people with a substance use disorder from seeking the help they need to become sober. Fortunately, medication-assisted treatment for alcohol and drug addiction is affordable. And it gets even better: MAT is often covered by insurance companies making the treatment even cheaper.

When patients weigh the cost of sustaining their addiction, MAT is by far the cheapest and best alternative. Drug or alcohol use is expensive and causes health problems that lead to increased medical bills. Medication-assisted treatment puts an end to the cycle of addiction, helping patients avoid the health complications that come with substance use disorder.

Smooth Transition

After completing addiction treatment, one major challenge for patients is transitioning back to a regular routine. Rehab provides support and a structured environment that people get used to. As such, transitioning back to normal life can be quite challenging, and this poses a threat to an individual’s recovery.

There’s also the possibility of post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). This can cause a person to experience lingering withdrawal symptoms that might push someone to go back to alcohol or opioid use. MAT bridges the gap between rehab and sobriety at home. It helps get rid of urges and cravings that could derail a person’s sobriety, keeping them focused on living a healthy, fulfilled, substance-free life.

Get Started On MAT

Medication-assisted treatment is effective. It’s also safe. When used together with other forms of evidence-based addiction treatment, it can change how clients approach and cope with life’s challenges without turning back to drugs or alcohol. At Beat Addiction Recovery, we provide MAT to help your patients win the battle against addiction. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive medication-assisted treatment program for your practice: 888-913-1099.

Medication Assisted Treatment