Medical detox allows you to rapidly address the physical dependence on opioids. Within days, you can remove cravings for drugs or alcohol from your life, under the supervision of a medical team. But with the physical side of dependence addressed, what comes next? Getting personal, individualized aftercare following Opioid and Alcohol Detoxification Treatment is a critical first step to a healthy life without drugs and alcohol.

“We have seen patients that just gave up because they believe they have failed so many times that they are not willing to go through all the emotional and physical suffering to fail again,” says Clare Waismann, founder of Waismann Method® Opioid Treatment Specialists and Domus Retreat. But “most of the time they didn’t fail – the treatment center failed them because they did not receive treatment based on their needs, they received treatment based on a preset protocol.”

Getting individual treatment that is highly personalized can help you succeed in recovery.

Healing with Respect and Dignity

Society tends to treat people with addiction terribly. There is a lot of stigma and shame connected to substance use disorders, and that often gets integrated into various recovery options. Often times, treatment centers prescribe a set of steps or aftercare approaches, without assessing or considering the person receiving them, what that person actually wants and, more importantly, needs.

Domus Retreat, the aftercare facility that works with Waismann Method® clients, takes a different approach. Rather than making clients feel like just another body without autonomy, instead of putting them in group sessions where they feel unseen and unheard, Domus Retreat aims to clearly understand, support, and respect each individual’s needs.

At Domus, clients are reminded that they have nothing to be ashamed of. It is natural to get lost, and honorable to seek and receive help. With this productive thought in mind, it is easier for people to move toward a future that is hopeful and positive. Positivity, hope and self-respect set a foundation for a successful recovery.

“We try to have people enjoy the sun, try to show them that every hour they will feel better regardless of where they started from,” Waismann says. “By the time they leave, they know they can feel good without drugs, even if they relapse. Even if things don’t work out as expected when they get home, there is hope because in a short time they have learned that life is livable without drugs..”

An Aftercare Approach Designed for You

At Domus Retreat, clients can stay from anywhere between 4 and 28 days. They have access to one-on-one psychotherapy, private yoga sessions, massage, and more. They are able to spend time working with professionals to decide what they want to address now that they have dealt with their physical dependency. This often means taking steps to address the pain that caused drug abuse, whether that pain is physical or psychological.

“Because we have very, very few patients at one time, we try to individualize their treatment as much as possible,” Waismann says. There is accountability, but to individual goals rather than prescribed benchmarks of success in recovery. This allows people to focus on the things that will make the best impact on their overall health.

At Domus Retreat, clients also have the chance to address any physical or mental health diagnoses that came up during treatment. Oftentimes, talking with mental health providers can result in reevaluating diagnoses that clients had before. With drugs no longer masking the root problem, it is easier to see the real symptoms.

“It is very difficult to make an accurate diagnosis when the patient is emotionally influenced by the substance they are using,” Waismann says.

Health care professionals create customized treatment plans for each client based on their all-encompassing medical and psychological assessment. Throughout treatment, the team looks for effective and feasible ways to optimize each client’s plans to sustain long-term recovery. One of the most important goals for the Waismann Method® and Domus Retreat team is to establish a trusting and nurturing relationship with each individual, ultimately creating hope.

The Bottom Line

The purpose of a good aftercare program is to heal, restore, and better the lives of each client. Anyone who has experienced substance abuse or mental health issues knows that sustaining a healthy life is a work in progress. It is a natural part of being human to expect and need a helping hand along the way. Recognizing this need and seeking help is the first and most important step in creating a healthy and loving relationship with yourself.

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Title: Medical Detox: The Importance of Aftercare
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