IOP Lehigh Valley

IOP Lehigh Valley

Look no further than Recovery Cove when you need a quality IOP in Lehigh Valley. Our treatment specialists can custom tailor an IOP program just for you, whether you’re looking for a step-down program after completing rehab or you feel confident in living at home while getting help for an addiction. Rest assured, our recovery experts are able to help you select the right level of care based on your individual needs. Inpatient addiction treatment is not for everyone; if you want to stay in school, keep your job, or stay home with family members who need you, an intensive outpatient program might be ideal.

Q: What is IOP?

A: You may have heard the term IOP when inquiring about recovery services and wondered what it was all about. Addiction treatment centers often provide IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programs) for patients who need support and structure at various intervals along the recovery journey. For example, you may require an intensive outpatient program after going through medical detox, in order to minimize risk of relapse. If you opt for inpatient treatment, you might spend time in IOP treatment as you transition to life at home.

Q: Do I need IOP?

A: All patients in rehab can benefit from the services provided by an IOP. Programs can vary significantly, but typically offer relapse prevention, tools to work through triggers, assistance getting connected with local resources, and ongoing support while you heal from addiction. IOP treatment for addiction recovery is usually paid for by health insurance, and since it’s more affordable than inpatient rehab, your plan may cover you in IOP for months.

Q: How can I incorporate IOP into my personal addiction recovery care plan?

A: If your counselor hasn’t already recommended an IOP, consider making a call to Recovery Cove to find out more about our Intensive Outpatient Program and how IOP resources can keep you on the right track while you’re putting your life back together. If you’re already in a program, speak with your therapist or counselor about our IOP.

Q: Does IOP address both drug and alcohol addiction?

A: Absolutely! The resources provided in IOP address all types of addiction and often include comfort amenities and activities to keep you engaged during treatment. While most IOPs require you to commit to a certain number of hours or days, you’ll find that programs are exceptionally flexible and geared toward a busy lifestyle.

Q: Can IOP addiction treatment center programs effectively replace inpatient programs?

A: IOP in Lehigh Valley doesn’t address every addiction recovery need, however, in many cases, it’s the best option for patients. If you’ve been considering treatment to overcome an addiction but have not found a way to leave your obligations behind and commit to an overnight rehab, IOP at Recovery Cove could be just what you’ve been looking for.

We want to answer all of your questions about outpatient treatment for addiction; feel free to contact counselors from Recovery Cove 24/7. A bright future is possible through the doors to our treatment center.

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