Gynecologist In Homestead Fl

Gynecologist In Homestead Fl

One of the most important types of specialty care that is necessary for all women is gynecology. Every woman must have regular checkups and treatment for issues as they occur. It’s helpful to have a gynecologist in Homestead, Fl who provides high quality care. While it’s never easy to go to the doctor, a family clinic is one of the friendliest places to go to get medical care.

What does a Gynecologist Do?

A gynecologist is a physician who specializes in the care and treatment of a women’s reproductive system. A gynecologist in Homestead, Fl provides preventative care to women with regular yearly exams. From the time that women begin to menstruate they must begin receiving care from a gynecologist.

The yearly exam is considered preventative care. The doctor will examine your reproductive organs and breasts to ensure that everything is normal. Additionally, it is important to get cancer screening. For example, the doctor will do a pap test which checks for abnormal cells. A breast exam will also be done. If any abnormalities are noted further testing will be necessary.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

A gynecology exam does not take long to complete. The initial exam will be done in just a few minutes. The doctor or nurse will also ask you questions and will answer any questions you may have. Prepare for your exam by making a list of questions that you want to ask. If you have any particular concerns you’ll want to be sure to talk about them.

One of the main considerations during your appointment will be contraception. If you are taking oral contraceptives your doctor will provide you with another prescription. It is important to discuss any concerns you have about oral contraceptives to ensure that you get the right type in the correct dosage.

Women’s Health and Wellness

Women’s health and wellness extends beyond the reproductive organs. There are many medical issues that must be reviewed on a regular basis. It is important to choose a gynecologist in Homestead, Fl with whom you can discuss your most intimate medical concerns. Some of these concerns include menstrual problems, PMS, fertility issues, sexual problems and more.

Choose a gynecologist who is available to provide general medical care along with specialty services. This ensures that all of your medical needs will be handled by one doctor. You’ll likely receive better and more complete diagnosis and care from a doctor who provides all of your treatment. When you find a doctor who you trust you’ll want to keep her for many years.

When you’re looking for a gynecologist in Homestead, Fl consider Family Medical Clinic Kendall. We are a family medical care provider and also provide gynecological care. We offer complete care for the whole family including urgent care and diagnostics. You don’t always need an appointment – we welcome walk-ins. We pride ourselves in giving you the best care possible. With flexible and extended hours, our office is convenient, too. Call Family Medical Clinic Kendall or make an appointment online today. 

Gynecologist In Homestead Fl

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Gynecologist In Homestead Fl

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