Drug Interventionist San Francisco

Drug Interventionist San Francisco

Are you searching for a drug interventionist in San Francisco? At The Plan Case Management, we whip together interventions fast and with great results. We are same-day alcohol and drug interventionalists, and we offer the best San Francisco intervention services.

Do’s and dont’s of drug interventions

Drug addiction interventions offer a platform for friends, family, and loved ones to express their feeling and emotions constructively to an addict. Here’s what to know about staging an intervention:

  • Don’t make excuses

Remember that interventions can take more than one session for you to achieve your goal. While you shouldn’t drag it for several weeks, you also don’t want to pressure the addict with a tyrannical schedule. Your goal should be to help an addict join a San Francisco, CA, alcohol rehab on his/her own accord within a reasonable time.

  • Hire an intervention specialist, and don’t attempt to do it alone 

Our interventionist will come up with a customized strategy for the intervention and will prepare all the members of the group for the confrontation. They may also rehearse the intervention with you beforehand to increase the success of the procedure.

Attempting to stage an intervention alone with family members, friends, and loved ones can actually make the situation worse.

  • Be consistent in your message and don’t judge

Do not muddle the primary goal of the intervention with side conversations and wayward discussions. Focus on helping the addict decide on joining a rehab program, and while you do that, refrain from sounding self-righteous and judgemental. Make sure to relate with them on their concerns, fears, and difficulties and be supportive and down-to-earth.

How to perform a drug intervention?

To stage an intervention and save your loved one from his/her addiction condition, hire a same-day alcohol interventionist. They can create a strategy for the intervention, help you structure the conversation, and assist you in delivering the message effectively.

Interventions for alcohol or drug addicts follow the same setup and steps. You will have to gather the addict’s family members, siblings, loved ones, spouses, and children in a safe and calming environment. You must then invite the addict to the location and put forth your concerns in a constructive manner. An exchange of honest, impactful statements and our expert’s support can ensure the success of the procedure.

When should you call an interventionist?

If your loved one shows specific behavior patterns or increased tolerance to drugs or alcohol, you should call an interventionalist. Also, if they show signs of denial, irritability or straight refusal to discuss their issues, staging an alcohol rehab intervention can save their lives. If you have a family member dealing with addiction, you need to contact us today.

Get in touch with us at (805) 335-4646 to speak to one of us at The Plan Case Management. Our top drug interventionist in San Francisco, Tish, is an expert at staging an intervention, and she can help you convince your loved one to seek the help they need.

Drug Interventionist San Francisco