Waismann Treatment™ has always been ahead of its time. 

Waismann Method® team has been a trailblazer in medical opioid detox right from the beginning. After more than two decades and thousands of patients treated, numbers show the successful results—nearly 98% of patients undergoing the Waismann Treatment™ achieve complete opioid detoxification. These success rates are unheard of. The reason for this unparalleled success is treating “the patient” (based on their unique health needs) instead of focusing on the effects of an untreated condition.

Waismann Method team views and treats opioid use disorder as a medical condition that can successfully be treated with effective medical detoxification assistance. Although the group is world-renowned as the #1 rapid detox center, rapid detox is not all they do. The length of stay and medical protocol used is primarily based on each patient’s unique health needs. 

Rapid detox, the leader in opioid detoxification, is celebrating twenty-two years of service this month. During that time, the organization has helped thousands of people obtain freedom from opioid dependence and addiction. 

Since the beginning, Waismann Method has focused on helping people dependent on opioids find a dignified solution that empowers them to live free from opioids. They operate on the premise that everyone should have the right to live free of opioids — life without opioids shouldn’t be a privilege. The organization also believes that detox — a barrier to seeking treatment for many people — should be humane, safe, and effective. With that approach, Waismann Method has successfully helped thousands of people live safer, healthier lives without the burden of opioids. 

Here’s what sets Waismann Method apart:

Rapid Detox — the Flagship Service

Many people dependent on opioids fear going through the painful withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting opioids. While other recovery programs have embraced detox’s discomfort as an essential part of recovery, the Waismann Method staff reject the idea that a person must go through physical pain and suffering to live without opioids. Just the opposite, fear of withdrawal and judgment keeps people from seeking the treatment they desperately need.

Rapid detox is a dignified medical procedure to help patients get through a withdrawal from opioid drugs, especially long-acting ones such as Methadone and Suboxone. The procedure is extremely safe and effective when performed responsibly and with the necessary parameters. Some of the most important parameters are:

  1. A board-certified anesthesiologist should perform rapid detox in a private room in an accredited hospital.
  2. Patients need to be admitted at least a day before detoxification for a comprehensive medical evaluation, hydration, and adequate understanding of the patient’s unique medical status and needs.
  3. Rapid detox can be accomplished with sedation in 1 to 2 hours. Protocols that place patients under general anesthesia for up to four hours (or more) are archaic and tend to pose unnecessary risk factors to the patient.
  4. There should be no limitation of inpatient stay. Predetermined allowance of time often leads to premature discharges.
  5. A few days of inpatient care at a specialized recovery center are crucial to the patient’s success and safety. After rapid detox, the whole system works hard, trying to find a new baseline. This transition can lead to a period of emotional and physical instability. Although loved ones may desire to help, they do not have appropriate training to assess or assist with this crucial and fragile phase.

Waismann Method® staff does not support programs that overpromise or claim to overnight “fix everything.” However, the program offers the chance for someone to become opioid-free. Being free from the effects of opiates allows people to be emotionally present to pursue whatever emotional support is indicated for their specific case.

What is the Waismann Method®?

Waismann Method is named after its founder, Clare Waismann SUDCC/ RAS. The program’s primary goal is to provide those struggling with opioid use disorder the safest, most effective, and most straightforward solution to a dangerous condition. Every patient is different, and so are their health needs. Thus, Waismann Method® provides several different treatment modalities that utilize the protocol that best fits the patients’ unique needs.

Together with a team of health care providers, Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein treats and oversees the care of Waismann Method patients. Dr. Lowenstein is a quadruple board-certified anesthesiologist and the most experienced licensed physician in the United States in anesthesia assisted opioid detox. His commitment, credentials, and unparalleled experience make him globally one of the top experts in opioid use disorder treatment. Thousands of patients from all over the world have flown to Southern California (Waismann Method’s only location) in the last two decades to receive treatment.

Mrs. Waismann is also the founder of Domus Retreat Recovery Center, a place that provides individuals much-needed support after hospital detoxification. Domus Retreat is a facility where people can regain their strength while receiving a health care team’s professional support and begin planning for their life free from opioids. 

An Individualized Approach

Waismann Method® is best known for medically-assisted rapid detox. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to overcoming opioid dependence, so Waismann Method offers multiple treatment approaches. 

Each patient works with the doctor to understand their unique circumstances — their history of opioid use, any underlying medical conditions, and their desires and concerns for the future. With that information, the doctor and patient create an individualized treatment protocol with no preset limits or ideas. One that may involve rapid detox, but it doesn’t always. The main focus is on finding the best treatment that ensures the specific patient’s safety and success.

This individualized approach used in the hospital is carried through to Domus Retreat. At Domus, there are no required meetings, chores, or sharing your story with strangers. Instead, each person works within their unique abilities and needs. The guest works individually with the professional staff to address the immediate health needs, physical and emotional stability, and plan for the best way to maintain a healthy path. 

After 22 years of helping people overcome opioid use, Waismann Method staff have become more passionate about helping people access safe, quality, and effective treatment. With the pandemic highlighting the need to maintain health, Waismann Method is eager to evolve and develop more ways to help people find the health and happiness they seek. 

By: Waismann Method
Title: 22 Years of Successful Medical Opioid Detoxification
Sourced From: www.thefix.com/22-years-successful-medical-opioid-detoxification
Published Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2020 08:26:53 +0000

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